Premier Integrated Labs Leads Strategic Partnership in Malaysia ,Transforming Chronic Kidney Disease Care

Empowering Early Detection and Intervention to Combat CKD’s Growing Impact

On 7th May 2024, Premier Integrated Labs entered a strategic partnership to revolutionize chronic kidney disease (CKD) care through the use of advanced digital solutions such as the MyCKD CPG app and the Kidney Failure Risk Equation. This strategic partnership includes AstraZeneca, the Malaysian Society of Nephrology (MSN), the Malaysian Association of Clinical Biochemists (MACB), Chapter of Chemical Pathology and Metabolic Medicine, College of Pathologists, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (CPMM, CPath AMM), Innoquest Pathology, Lablink Medical Laboratory, and Sunway Medical Centre Laboratory.

In Malaysia, over five million people have CKD, but only 5% are aware of it. More than 51,000 Malaysians currently live with end-stage renal disease (ESRD), leading to significant healthcare expenses. The rise in CKD is linked to factors like diabetes and hypertension. Early detection and intervention are vital for reducing complications and mortality. This partnership aims to promote proactive measures for CKD detection and intervention.